Jul 14, 2019 GOLD RECIPROC Apex locator GOLD RECIPROC – Motor functions VDW Dental · Dr. Christoph Kaaden: RECIPROC blue root canal 


1 Mar 2021 Cyclical fatigue in reciprocating WaveOne Gold and Reciproc Blue Gold Primary trabaja con 350 rpm y Reciproc blue R25 con 300 rpm.

Owing to a revolutionary production process, RECIPROC blue files are more Background: The objective was to evaluate the efficiency of ProTaper Gold (PTG) and Reciproc Blue (RB) NiTi files in obturation material removal from straight root canals assessed by micro-computed tomography. Methods: Fifty-two anterior human teeth were shaped with a PTG rotary system until F2 (25/.08). VDW Reciproc Direct Starter Kit med Reciproc Blue 1 x 1 pk. VDW Resiproc Direct er et resiprokerende vinkelstykke som kobles direkte til din unitmotor.Reciproc Direct Starter kit med Reciproc Blue inneholder:- 1 stk.

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2021-01-01 · Blue thermomechanical treatment optimizes fatigue resistance and flexibility of the Reciproc files

It is manufactured from an M-wire alloy with special heat treatment. This technology shows increased file flexibility and improved cyclic fatigue resistance . RB file is intended for use in initial treatment and retreatment [14, 16].


Developed to work together The coordinated product range For an endo treatment in original reciprocating motion, VDW recommends the use of RECIPROC® and RECIPROC® blue files in combination with VDW devices. C-PILOT Files RECIPROC® BLUE Paper Points RECIPROC® BLUE Gutta Percha RECIPROC® VDW.SILVER FileCare® EDTA. Available in lengths 21, 25 and 31mm. Available in packets of individual sizes: R25, R40 and R50 available in blister pack of 6 instruments. Also available in assortments: CLICK Attach the contra-angle to the motor so that it snaps into place Make sure RECIPROC® direct is securely attached to the motor Set your motor *on your dental unit to the appropriate speed Air-driven motor: max. speed Electric motor: 20.000 rpm (max. 25.000 rpm) * ISO-E coupling according to ISO 3964 is necessary Innovative and affordable: Your starter kit with RECIPROC® direct Best value for money: Contra-angle + 24 RECIPROC® blue instruments RECIPROC… Reciproc® blue is a thermally treated nickel-titanium instrument, it is an improved version of the original Reciproc® (3).

Reciproc blue rpm

Förändrad molekylär struktur på Nickeltitan legeringen ger 2,3 ggr starkare fil, 40% flexiblare, går att förbocka och pga legeringen är filen blå The RECIPROC® system With RECIPROC® blue, we offer a comprehensive treatment solution for easy and successful preparation, obturation and retreatment of the root canal. Developed to work together The coordinated product range For an endo treatment in original reciprocating motion, VDW recommends the use of RECIPROC® and RECIPROC® blue files in combination with VDW devices. 24 RECIPROC blue Instrument (25 mm), steril, 12 × R25, 6 × R40, 6 × R50 180 RECIPROC blue papperspetsar, sorterad, steril, 60 × R25, 60 × R40, 60 × R50 The Reciproc® blue instruments have an S-shaped cross-section (Fig.
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Reciproc blue rpm

Reciproc blue sterile filer (25mm), 12stk x R25, 6stk x R40, 6stk x Sistemas de Instrumentação Reciprocante: RECIPROC® e RECIPROC BLUE® vi Abstract: Endodontics is increasingly important in the realization of several cases of the day-to-day life of a general practitioner. The instrumentation of root canals is one of the key points for the success of an Nowy i innowacyjny sposób obróbki cieplnej sprawia, że pilnik RECIPROC® blue jest niezwykle elastyczny, przez co jeszcze bardziej elastycznie i bezpieczniej opracowywuje kanał korzeniowy. Intertech dental jest autoryzowanym i bezpośrednim importerem produktów firmy VDW, w tym systemu Reciproc blue.

Separate the handle by bending it right and left. Insert the shortened obturator in the canal.
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RECIPROC blue Gutta-Percha The improved formulation of RECIPROC blue Gutta-Percha heats more consistently, providing better material flow and adaptation to the canal wall. NEW FORMULA for Reciproc Blue Gutta-Percha. Improved heat transfer up to 4mm at lower temperature; Variable taper for a precise fit and accurate tug back; Latex free for

Features of Reciproc Blue R25: It allows to prepare the root canal with a single instrument.; Saves time and is efficient due to fewer work phases. An innovative heat treatment makes RECIPROC blue particularly flexible to ensure a smoother and safer progression in the canal. RECIPROC blue files are produced with Nickel- Titanium (NiTi) that goes through an innovative heat treatment, modifying its molecular structure to give it increased resistance to cyclic fatigue and additional flexibility as well as its characteristic blue color. The Reciproc Blue instrument (VDW, Munich, Ger- Sample selection and scanning many) has a similar design and the same overall char- acteristics as the M-Wire Reciproc instrument (VDW), After approval of the local Ethics Committee (protocol but is manufactured from blue thermomechanical-trea- 47.18.5283), 95 mandibular incisors were obtained ted alloy generated by an innovative thermal treat Reciproc Blue (RB; VDW, Munich, Germany) is a single file system designed to be used with reciprocating motion.